F.A.Q. about long term rental

What is contract-hire?

Choose the model as if you were buying a new car, but maintenance, road tax, insurance, and all the other services are included. By paying only a fixed monthly fee, you can drive the car you want for a period of time and mileage calculated according to your needs. In this way, you can easily plan your monthly expenses with no surprises!

Why is contract-hire convenient?

There is no unexpected cost and all the services are included (ordinary and extraordinary assistance, 24-hour roadside assistance, insurance coverage, tire service). You will not have any initial disbursement and you will not have to pay a maxi final installment. Moreover, you can always drive the latest models without worrying about the devaluation of your car over time.

Who owns the car?

The ownership of the car remains with the contract-hire company during the contract period.

Is the road tax included in the contract?

For rental contracts lasting more than 12 months, the payment must be made directly by the user, paying according to the region of residence

What should I do when the contract expires?

You can make three choices: 1) buy the car 2) continue to drive the car by paying the monthly fee; 3) Replace it with a new one; 4) Return it by closing the contract.

What happens if I exceed my agreed mileage?

If you go over your agreed mileage, there is a small surcharge to pay for each mile above these changes from car to car.

How long does the contract last for?

The contracts range from 24–60 months depending on the vehicle and funding option chosen.

I’ve always bought my car, why should I rent instead?

There are many benefits from renting a vehicle, including cost-effectiveness, smart use of your money, peace of mind and hassle-free enjoyment. The main benefits are: 1) Drive a brand-new car every 2 to 3 years… and enjoy all the technological innovations and safety features of new models 2) Avoid the problems and expenses associated with aging cars… 3) Cost effectiveness… Contract-hire/renting usually offers both the lowest upfront and lowest monthly installment options for driving a new car 4) Easy on your savings… a much smaller deposit/initial payment is required compared with other options, leaving your hard-earned savings relatively untouched 5) All-in-one fixed costs and no big bills… pre-set monthly installments, all-inclusive manufacturer warranty, plus maintenance options means you always know exactly what you’ll be paying out every month 6) No depreciating asset… most cars lose 50-60% of value in the first three years, but with contract-hire, you avoid this financial loss because you don’t own the car, you just borrow it 7) No selling concerns at the end… with contract-hire you don’t have the problem and concern of selling the car, you simply hand the keys back