F.A.Q. about DriveK

What is DriveK?

DriveK is an online automotive platform created for potential buyers or car enthusiasts. On our website you can take a look at new cars price lists, compare different vehicles simultaneously and ask for a quote directly from a car dealer. Stay updated with the latest news from the automotive world thanks to DriveK and read our articles about new releases, car reviews and the latest technologies.

How does DriveK’s configurator work?

DriveK’s car configurator is very easy to use and intuitive. Search for the car you want and you will receive real-time updated information from the car list with information relating to: fuel engine, trim line, accessories and much more. Thanks to our diverse car dealers network we are able to provide you with the latest promotions for your new car. Ask for a free quote and we will put you in contact with an appropriate car dealer around you.

Why do I need DriveK to buy my new car?

We have walked in your shoes and we have tried to understand what helps a consumer make the right decision. Therefore we created a unique system that looks for your new car using relevant criteria such as: your daily needs, the accessories you can’t eliminate, and, why not, your desires. Every day we work tirelessly to find the right promotions around the country in order to create a direct line between you and the car dealer that no one else can offer.

Can you help me find a used car?

Actually we only deal with new cars and we can offer very competitive rates on new cars too. Navigate our website and you’ll find a good deal.

Can I trade in a car with DriveK?

Yes, you can write your request in the message box when asking for a free quote. We will pass it onto the car dealer.

Can I ask for a personalized car model through DriveK?

Yes. You can personalize your by car adding all the features you want directly from the car configurator. Alternatively, you can write your request directly to a car dealer when filling out the free quote form. We will find someone who can make your wish become a 4 wheel reality.

What kind of cars can I find on DriveK?

We work with all the car brands in order to respond to all your requests whether you are looking for a specific body type or a particular price. Try out our car configurator and you’ll find out for yourself!

Where are the car dealers you work with located?

We have a rich network of professionals nation-wide that are willing to work for you. When filling out your free quote request, remember to tell us where you live so we can find you the nearest car dealer. Our partners are qualified and experienced consultants that will follow you in every step of your purchase.

Is it possible to book a test drive?

Of course. At DriveK we know what an expensive effort it is buying a car and we always suggest booking a test drive for the car you are interested in. Just let us know about your needs in the message box and our staff will put you directly in contact with the closest dealer.