F.A.Q. on electric and hybrid cars

What is an EV?

An electric vehicle is a vehicle that runs on completely electricity. EV’s have a electric motor so there is no engine, which means it does not require any fossil fuel. With them running on electric you are able to charge at home or at an electric car charging point.

What is the range of an EV?

It is the distance an EV can travel before the battery becomes fully depleted. In the case of a full electric vehicle, it means the total range per charge. For a plug-in hybrid (PHEV), it means the range of the vehicle only in electric mode. Most new EV’s have a range of around 300 km, although some can go up to 500 km on one charge. As EV technology advances this will only improve.

Can electric cars help me save money?

Yes. Although electric cars are more expensive to buy than traditional cars, they can help you save money in the long term for the following reasons:
– Petrol costs
– Road Tax
– Congestion Charge

How long does it take to charge an electric car?

The amount of time that it takes to charge your electric car varies based on car’s battery capacity and the power of the charging point, but figuring it out should be a pretty simple calculation. For example, if your car has a 70 kW battery and is plugged into a 7 kWh charger then it will take 10 hours to charge from empty to full.

Can I charge my car on any charger?

Yes and no. Just like regular electricity outlets, charging stations may have different outlets and connectors depending on the country where you’re charging and your car brand’s origin.

Can I charge my EV at home?

Yes. Charging your EV at home is convenient and cost effective, you can just plug it in and leave it to charge overnight. You’ll need to install a wall unit charge point, but you can get a government grant to help with the installation cost.

What is the battery life on EV?

The battery life of an EV will vary depending on the make and model of the vehicle. Most manufacturers offer an eight year or 160,000 km warranty for their EV batteries.

How much maintenance does a charger need?

Very little. Electric cars are remarkably simple to maintain. The same is true for Charging stations likewise. If installed properly and built modularly, every piece of mechanism can be easily replaced. Charging stations with online connectivity also enable remote diagnostics and repair, so you won’t be left stranded in the rare event of charger malfunction.

Can we overcharge an electric vehicle?

No. Manufacturers have already built in precautions so you cannot overcharge, over-discharge, or over heat your electric vehicle.